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Grand Hotel De Londres Istanbul

Grand Hotel De Londres IstanbulThe meeting of East and West, the cradle of the oldest civilizations of the world, Istanbul... Unchanged residence of past and present...

When Orient Express reached Istanbul five years after its operation in 1883, the first hotels of Istanbul had already begun to appear, in the very cosmopolit westernized section of the city called “Pera”. One of those hotels was Hotel Buyuk Londra or Grand Hotel De Londres, which soon after its opening took its place among the best hotels of Istanbul, together with Tokatliyan and Pera Palace.

Hotel Buyuk Londra is one of the few establishments managing to survive from that era to our time. Passing through many renovations, the hotel nevertheless still graciously reflects the atmosphere of the 1900's. With some of its rooms overlooking the Golden Horn and a lively bar, Hotel Buyuk Londra is the meeting point of many people – local and foreign - looking for something different and special... <% response.write hotelname %>