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Istanbul Activities

Istanbul offers traditional Turkish experiences like the hamam (steam bath) and a game of backgammon over fragrant tea. If you want a more Western gym-bunny type of experience, you'll have to search it out. Of course, there's always walking: Istanbul is a prime city for strolling and gazing.
  • golf

    Istanbul isn't known for its golfing facilities, but there are a few courses nearby if you're keen.

  • swimming (outdoor)

    The best swimming options are a day trip to Kilyos or Sile, or the closer Adalar (Princes' Islands).

  • gym

    For indoor pool and gym facilities, a hotel is your best bet; private places are too pricey.

  • board games

    Turks have perfected the art of socialising, and game playing is an important ingredient. Any tea garden should be able to come up with a backgammon board for free if you ask, though if you want to play billiards or bowling you'll need to head to Beyoğlu.

  • relaxation

    For a quintessential Turkish experience don't forget to try one of the many hamams (Turkish steam baths) to purge your pores.