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Tria Hotel Istanbul

Tria Hotel Istanbul

Tria Hotel Istanbul is a quaint and cosy boutique hotel nestled in the historic heart of Istanbul offers totally renovated rooms and an array of personalised services, delivering the utmost comfort during your stay. The décor of the hotel displays a minimalist approach with special attention to aesthetics and the smaller details. Modern facilities and attentive personal service coalesce in the Tria Hotel Istanbul Sultanahmet, creating a comfortable and memorable way to experience the city whose splendour once earned it the nickname “the Eye of All the World”.

The Tria’s limited number of rooms helps to create a superb air of quiescence and privacy all about. With only twenty in total, all have been fully revamped and designed to provide the most comfortable sojourn possible. They come with modern amenities, such as complimentary wireless internet access. Up above, there is a delightful roof-top terrace which provides breathtaking views of Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque on one side and amazing panoramic views stretching from the Bosphorus to the Marmara Sea on the other. There is also a lounge, bar and restaurant on the ground floor to attend your further needs. Furthermore, you will be delighted to find the jogging paths across the street from the hotel, perfect for keeping up on your work-out routine.

All of this is found situated in the captivating Sultanahmet quarter, a neighbourhood laden with history and art in the heart of what was historically known as Constantinople. This advantageous position permits an easy and convenient discovery of this vast metropolis’s most important Byzantine and Ottoman treasures, such as Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace, the harbour, and more. Sink into the charm of this grand enchantress in luxury and style at Tria Hotel Istanbul! <% response.write hotelname %>